Amazon Extreme

Are You Ready To Survive In The Jungle?

Amazon Extreme

50 Days
18+ Age

Level of Difficulty:


Embark on a genuine Survival Challenge where risk becomes your steadfast companion throughout the entire journey. This immersive experience will thrust you into extreme conditions, compelling you to traverse unexplored jungles, trek for days, navigate rivers, and conquer streams and swamps—all leading to the ultimate goal.

Spanning a challenging 350 kilometers, this survival experience is a testament to your sheer will to endure and thrive. Success in this arduous expedition hinges solely on your determination and survival instincts. It’s an unparalleled adventure that will push you to your limits, demanding resilience, adaptability, and unwavering resolve.

Embrace the unknown, for within the heart of challenge lies the catalyst for unparalleled personal growth. As you conquer each kilometer, remember that every step is a testament to your courage and an affirmation of your untapped potential. This Survival Challenge is not just a journey; it’s a transformative odyssey that will redefine your limits, leaving you with a profound sense of accomplishment and the unwavering belief that you can overcome any obstacle in the wild or in life.


  • Transfer from the Iquitos airport.
  • Land and river transportation indicated in the itinerary.
  • Angamos/Iquitos flight.
  • Native instructors and Amazon Explorer coordinator.
  • Each participant must bring their personal equipment.


  • The return flight from Angamos to Iquitos is subject to the availability of the Peruvian Air Force and depending on weather conditions the flight can be postponed.
  • This Jungle Survival Challenge is risky, is open to participants with experience in survival with great adaptability and excellent physical and mental conditions.
  • Reservations must be made with a minimum of 60 days in advance.
  • There is only a limited amount of space available, so do not delay in reserving your place.


Day 1
  • Travel from Iquitos to the city of Nauta (2 hr).
  • Speedboat from Nauta to Requena (3 hr).
  • Spend the night in a hotel in town.
Day 2 - 7
  • Travel on the river for six days.
  • Spend the nights in different villages.
Day 8 - 9
  • Peke-peke deep into the unexplored jungle.
  • Build shelters.
  • Spend the night inside the jungle.
Day 10 - 45
We will:

  • A survival experience of 350 km / 218 miles through unexplored jungle.
  • The members of the team will put physical and mental strength to the test.
  • Begin an exhausting trek through virgin jungle, challenging the unknown.
  • Survive in complete isolation.
  • Face inclement weather and difficult terrain.
  • Cross hills, rivers, streams and swamps (aguajales).
  • Build rafts, dug-out canoes and individual floatation devices to go down rivers.
  • Trek when it is not possible to navigate.
  • Orient ourselves by natural means.
  • Build individual and group shelters.
  • Use a map and compass for land navigation.
  • Trek for days through virgin forest.
  • Look for food and water.
  • Look for "Collpas" (clay deposit containing mineral salts, where a large number and variety of animals congregate in order to ingest these salts).
  • Identify animal footprints and tracks.
  • Build animal traps to feed ourselves.
  • Improvise fishing rods by get food.
  • Make campfires to cook our food.
  • Use the lianas “Soga de Agua” for drinking.
  • Use natural resources for our benefit.
  • Spend the nights deep in the jungle.
  • Catch and collect food to survive.
Day 46 - 50
  • Arrive at a native community.
  • Motor boat to the town of Angamos.
  • Overnight in a hotel in town.
  • Fly to Iquitos.
Departure/Return Location: Iquitos River Port
Departure Time: To be confirmed
Return Time: To be confirmed
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