Expedition to Unexplored Jungle

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Expedition to Unexplored Jungle

40 Days
18+ Age
Expedition to Unexplored Jungle

The Amazon still has unexplored areas

Expedition to an unexplored jungle area in the Amazon. There are areas that features dormant volcanic cones and hills, as well as virgin forests that form one of the geologically oldest areas of the Amazon rainforest.


  • Transfer from Iquitos airport.
  • Land and river transportation.
  • Plane back from Angamos / Iquitos.
  • Entry permit for the Matsés National Reserve and Communities.
  • Indigenous guides and Amazon Explorer leader.


  • LIMITED SPACES: 6 participants.

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  • Expedition area: Peru/Brazil border.
  • Remain in complete isolation for 40 days.
  • Put our physical and mental strength to the test, as well as the effort of the team to complete the challenge.
  • Discover unexplored areas where no one has reached.
  • Face inclement weather and difficult terrain.
  • Trek for days through virgin forest and climb high ground.
  • Cross hills, rivers, streams and aguajales (flooded area where the aguajes palm trees grow).
  • Build shelters in different areas deep in the jungle.
  • Collect and catch our food.
  • We may even discover new species.
Departure/Return Location: Iquitos Hotel or Airport
Departure Time: To be confirmed
Return Time: To be confirmed
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