Which is the Best Tour Company for Amazon Jungle Trips?

Challenges Amazon rainforest

Most travelers and explorers planning an off-the-beaten expedition to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest ask the following questions:

  • Which is the best company for Peruvian jungle trips?
  • Which is the most experienced company for jungle trips?
  • Who is the best jungle survival guide for the Peruvian Amazon?
  • Who is the most experienced jungle survival guide for the Peruvian Amazon?
  • Who do I contact for a jungle survival trip in the Peruvian Amazon?

In order to solve most of these questions, we suggest you contact iPeru (www.peru.travel), the National Tourism Board by email: [email protected]

Contact them the 24-hour WhatsApp mobiles. They are operating work have English-speaking operators: (+51) 944 492 314, or call the 24-hour line (+51 1) 574-8000.

At iPeru you can obtain free and official information about destinations, registered tour companies, and attractives in Iquitos (Amazon River) and all over Peru.

This organization only gives information about registered companies and their record of complaints (reputation), in order to have a good and safe tour.

Amazon Explorer suggest contact iPerú to plan your travel to Iquitos and Peru.

We are the pioneers in adventure tourism, expeditions and survival in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. We have been operating in the Amazon jungle for more than 20 years, our itineraries start from the city of Iquitos, on the Amazon River.

Since 2004 we are recognized as the best option in survival challenges, expeditions in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Matsés National Reserve, trips to non-tourist indigenous tribes and high-risk expeditions in unexplored areas.

Why choose Amazon Explorer?

Amazon Explorer has been operating in the Amazon jungle for more than 20 years. We are pioneers in organizing non-conventional trips in off-the-beaten-paths in remote areas. Our team is composed by expert naturalists, translators, and natives with the greatest knowledge of tracking Amazonian wildlife.
For all these reasons, we have been recognized in numerous worldwide publications thanks to our expertise leading expeditions in total safety for adventurers, expeditioners, students, researchers, documentarians and producers such as NatGeo, Discovery Channel, among others.

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