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Our expeditions are classified with different levels of difficulty, from easy in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve too strenuous in remote territories deep in the jungle. The expeditioners can live with authentic non-tourist indigenous tribes and participate in their ancestral amazonian rituals.


Pacaya Samiria Tours

Let Nature Surprise You

Expeditions focus on observing wildlife in a protected area of the jungle. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the largest in the Peruvian Amazon, located more than 140 km from IquitosThe ideal place for nature lovers to experience a true adventure in the Amazon rainforest.


Expeditions to Amazon Tribes

Discover Tribes Lost In Time

In the depths of the Amazon, discover tribes lost in time. Explore their amazing rituals and mysteries. Go on adventure tourism in remote areas of the jungle and live a unique experience of cultural immersion, combined with wildlife observation.


Amazon Jungle Rituals

Know The Mysteries Of The Jungle

Thousands of years ago the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been using the power of rituals to heal, take courage and strength. Their wisdom has survived the passage of time and today we can discover it. Experience these rituals with total safety and care by our experts.

Extreme Jungle Expeditions amazon explorer

Extreme Jungle Expeditions

Explore Deep Of The Jungle

Explore the depths of the jungle and let nature surprise you with the unknown. Discover wild areas where no one else has reached, where species are waiting to be discovered. Totally unexplored jungle that will make you return to the origin of time.

Expeditions & Jungle Survival

Expeditions and Survival in the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Adventures

Challenges in the Jungle amazon explorer

Challenges in the Jungle

Join a once in a lifetime challenge. Only for true adventurers. Dare to discover unexplored areas of the jungle. Limited place.

expeditions and survival training amazon explorer

Join Us!

Check out our expeditions and survival training in the Amazon jungle and join a group to get the best price. Limited place.

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