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Duration: 15 days

Level of Difficulty:

For those who wish to carry out an experiential tourism, to live together and to know the customs and culture of an indigenous ethnic group of the Amazon.

At the beginning of the 20th century, as a consequence of the exploitation of rubber, the Boras suffered a serious process of demographic disintegration, with the population reduced from 15,000 to only 427, in a period of approximately 30 years.


  • Speedboat from Iquitos city to Pevas town.
  • Navigation downstream along the Amazon River (200 km or 124 mi).
  • Arrival to the village of Pevas.
  • Motorboat to an indigenous Bora Community.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in a typical house in the native community.


  • Gathering in the “Maloca” (communal indigenous house).
  • Typical dances of this tribe.
  • Preparation of coca leaves for traditional use.
  • Ancient stories of escaping from slavery in the times of the Rubber Boom.
  • Hiking around the community.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in a typical house in the native community.

DAY 3-12

  • Motorboat with indigenous Boras on the Ampiyacu River.
  • Arrival to the last tribal community of this river (not touristic).
  • Co-existence with indigenous Witoto and learn about their customs and way of life.

During these days we will do the following activities:

  • Collect food from their “Chacras” (plantations and crops).
  • Hikes through primary rainforest.
  • Exploration in the Ampiyacu Apayacu Natural Reserve.
  • Identification of medicinal plants.
  • Drinking water from forest vines “Soga de agua”.
  • Night exploration by canoe.
  • Observation of wildlife.
  • Fishing for piranha (Serrasalmus nattereri).
  • Exploration to “Colpas” (deposit of clay containing mineral salts where a large number and variety of animals gather).
  • Night exploration looking for alligators, snakes, tarantulas and other species.
  • Purchase of handicrafts (optional).
  • Overnight in a typical house in the native community or in the jungle.

Ampiyacu Exploration

DAY 13

  • Return by motorboat to Bora Community.
  • Overnight in a typical house in the native community.

DAY 14-15

  • Return by motorboat to Pevas.
  • Speedboat to Iquitos.
  • Arrival to Iquitos city.


  • Transfer from Iquitos Airport, land and river transportations included in the itinerary, public speedboat from Pevas to Iquitos, all meals provided for duration of trip, purified water, Bora native guides and Amazon Explorer’s tour leader, permission to the Ampiyacu Apayacu Natural Reserve.

Materials: Mosquito nets, bed sheets and sleeping pad.

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