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Indigenous Traditions

The Frog Medicine | 1 Day

Alternative Medicine: kambô: THE FROG MEDICINE (Medicina del Sapo) Duration: 1 Day Level of Difficulty:  Frog medicine, known in Spanish as Medicina del Sapo, originally know as Kambo in old Matses language; sometimes referred as kambô and Vacina do sapo in Brazilian portuguese, this ancient ceremony is performed by native experts from the Mayoruna tribe (Matsés people), and other indigenous…

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The Tobacco Inhalation | 1 Day

THE TOBACCO INHALATION Duration: 1 Day Level of Difficulty:  The native experts of the Matses tribe process a refined green powder that they call Nënë in their own language or sometimes referred as Nënë in Spanish, using tobacco leaves (Nicotiana tabacum) and the bark of a tree called cacahuilo (Theobroma subincanum). This practice is usually performed by two people. An…

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