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Duration: 10 days

Level of Difficulty: 

Ideal for those interested in a long trek through primary rainforest, this itinerary offers physical challenges in a natural environment. Native Matses experts who will share their knowledge of Amazonia will accompany participants.


    • 6:00 am Transfer from Iquitos to Nauta city (2 hr).
    • Speedboat from Nauta to Requena (3 hr).
    • Meeting with Matses indigenous.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Requena.

DIA 2-4

    • Hike through primary jungle from Requena (50 km or 31 mi).
    • Crossing of streams.
    • Observation of the flora and fauna.
    • Nocturnal exploration.
  • Overnight in the jungle.

DAY 5-7

    • Motorboat to a “Colpas” (deposit of clay containing mineral salts where a large number and variety of animals gather).
    • Construction of camp and construction of shelters.
    • Fishing for piranha (Serrasalmus nattereri) and other species.
    • Identification of animal tracks and footprints.
    • Excursion in search of primates.
  • Overnight in the jungle.


DAY 8-9

    • Hike through primary jungle to the town of Requena (50 km or 31 mi).
    • Crossing streams.
    • Observation of the flora and fauna.
  • Overnight in the jungle.

DAY 10

    • Arrival in Requena.
    • Speedboat to Nauta city (3 hr).
    • Transfer from Nauta to Iquitos (2 hr).
  • 6:00 pm Arrival to Iquitos city.

Includes: Transfer from Iquitos Airport, land and river transportations included in the itinerary, public speedboat from Requena to Nauta, Matses native guides and Amazon Explorer’s tour leader.

Materials: Mosquito nets and bed sheets.

Note: Participants must bring their own sleeping pad.

Important:  Amazon Explorer will provide campaign food for each participant, who has to Transferry theirs provisions. Water will be gathered from streams and be treated before to drink.

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