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Amazon Explorer classifies the expeditions with different levels of difficulty, from easy in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve too strenuous in remote territories in virgin jungle far from civilization. Our expeditioners can live with authentic, non-tourist, indigenous tribes and participate in their ancestral traditions.

Matses Expedition Amazon jungle

Matses Expedition

15 Days (May 12-26, 2022)

Territory of the mysterious tribe of the Feline, “The Matsés” is considered one of the most remote areas of the Amazon rainforest. Little exploration has been done and is inaccessible for most tourists. The Matsés belong to the Pano linguistic family.

Jaguar Expedition Amazon jungle

Jaguar Expedition

20 Days (July 5-24, 2022)

This expedition is to one of the most remote and inhospitable regions of the Amazon rainforest, refuge of the “King of the Amazon”, the jaguar. This itinerary is ideal to combine adventure with nature, in unexplored areas with a lot of biodiversity in Peru.

Amazon Survival, Jungle training

Amazon Survival

5 Days (April 11-15, 2022)

Participants will learn to use natural resources for their own benefit. They will come across situations that they will have to solve in the best possible way to be successful in survival. This Jungle Survival Training is open to motivated participants with great adaptability.

Amazon Survival

7 Days (August 2-8, 2022)

Participants will be instructed in survival techniques; they will face different situations that they will have to overcome during training. This is an advanced Jungle Survival Training, participants who want to do it will have to put themselves to the test and face a real challenge.J

Anaconda expedition. Eunecte murinus. Amazon rainfores jungle, Peru.

Anaconda Expedition

20 Days (September 1-20, 2022)

Expedition to one of the region’s most remote and inhospitable regions of Amazonia, refuge of the feared and gigantic “Queen of the Jungle”, the anaconda. Based in unexplored areas, high in biodiversity, this itinerary is an ideal way to combine adventure and nature.

Pacaya Samiria Reserve, Amazon jungle

Searching for El Dorado

10 Days (October 11-20, 2022)

El Dorado was a mythic city made of gold. Inspired by this treasure hidden in by the jungle, Conquistadores ventured deep into Amazonia. 500 years later, this legendary treasure has revealed itself to be the site of the highest biological diversity on the planet.

Expeditions and Survival in the Amazon Rainforest

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Level Of Difficulty For Our Expeditions

To find out the difficulty of our expeditions, we have classified them into four categories: Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Strenuous. We take many factors into consideration, including comfort, the number days, the distance traveled, the difficulty of the terrain and the dangers that could occur.

Easy: Suitable for most people in good health. These expeditions are of few days, with short walks on good paths and canoe trips.

Moredate: A reasonable level of physical condition is required, since these expeditions may require higher levels of resistance due to the continuous activities that are carried out. The hikes are longer and the paths more difficult.

Challenging: These expeditions are physically demanding and better suited for people with a higher level of stamina. They are expeditions in remote areas and lasting several days. With few comforts, long hours of river navigation, hikes for hours and demanding terrain. Participants must carry their backpack.

Strenuous: In these expeditions there are activities of up to 10 hours or more per day, hard hikes through virgin jungle and night explorations in unexplored areas. They are expeditions that last several days and there are no comforts. It is necessary to have high adaptability, good physical condition and a high level of resistance. Participants must carry their backpack.


Amazon Explorer offers an exciting and extreme experience in a unique and challenging environment. We specialize in adventure tourism and survival training in the Amazon jungle.

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