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Our spirit of adventure takes us to the most unexplored areas of the Amazon jungle.

Amazon Explorer only uses photographs taken on its jungle expeditions. All the photos displayed on our website and social networks come from our expeditions. Our photos record the memorable experiences of our adventurers.

We have spent more than 20 years exploring remote areas of the Amazon rainforest. With each expedition, we carry out an inventory of the species found in the area.

For people interested in photographing a specific species of the Amazon, with our experience and knowledge of wildlife, we can select the appropriate area and organize your expedition to find the right species.

  • JOIN US! Searching for the Dorado - 10 DAYS Expeditions to the Amazon Rainforest ➡️ El Dorado was a mythic
  • LIVE a Real Life Experience. We invite you to become part of this environment and share all the excitement and
  • Culture of Indigenous Matsés People: The Frog Medicine: Kambô ➡ In the Matsés, the ceremony starts by catching a giant
  • Exploring the Peruvian Jungle. For more info, please visit: #amazonrainforest #safari #expediciones #expeditions #exploring #trip #jungle #peru #selva #travelgram
  • Expedition to Unexplored Lake 2021 - 40 Days The Amazon still has unexplored areas. Geologically, Sierra del Divisor features dormant
  • Phyllomedusa bicolor is a nocturnal, arboreal frog. Males call from trees in tropical humid forests. The skin secretion of the frog
  • Ready for an Exciting Trip? JOIN US: Pacaya Samiria Crossing | 8 DAYS The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the
  • Experience a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to one of the unexplored place in the world. We reach places in the Amazon where
  • JOIN US: Search of The Lost Tribes | 40 DAYS In the depths of the Amazon there are still unexplored
  • Amazon Survival - 15 Days A real challenge for those who want to know their own limits. Participants will have to face
  • An anaconda (Eunectes murinus) found during a 15-day Matses Expedition in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Anaconda is one of the
  • JOIN US! Amazon Survival 7 DAYS - Expeditions to the Amazon Rainforest Participants will be instructed in survival techniques; they
  • We offer expeditions to the Amazon jungle, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (RAMSAR site and the largest government-protected area in
  • Amazon Explorer was created thanks to the inspiration and enthusiasm of a passionate nature lover. Expeditions available at #naturephoto
  • A real #challenge for those who wish to know their own limits in order to achieve success and #survive in
  • We organize special programs for groups of students, professionals and documentary production companies. We prepare personalized itineraries according to your
  • Marcin Gienieczko, a Polish explorer that made a Jungle Survival Training Course with #AmazonExplorer in Iquitos, Peru, before the crossing along the
  • JOIN US! For those who wish to carry out an experiential tourism, to live together and to know the customs
  • Awesome experience in the jungle meeting the Matses indigenous people, at the Peru/Brazil border. ⚠️ Amazon Explorer is a company
  • Expeditions to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru Contact Us: #amazon #amazonas #instagood #amazonriver #wildlife #ig_peru #wildadventures #jungle #amazing #photooftheday
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