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Hector Vezirian

Adventurer, naturalist and expert in jungle survival, with more than 30 years exploring remote areas in different countries. He is specialized in indigenous and military techniques of the French Foreign Legion. He is an Instructor in several combat disciplines. He has studies in biology, ornithology and specializes in training birds of prey.

Each year he puts aside time to enter unexplored areas in the jungle for 1 or 2 months. He enjoys and lives to explore areas where no one has set foot in. This is a personal challenge that he takes without the company of travelers.

Hector is passionate about the jungle and is also an animal lover. He has rescued, rehabilitated, and released many animals back into wildlife. He raises awareness and promotes the importance of protecting endangered fauna among his co-workers, natives, and indigenous inhabitants of the communities he visits.

All of his passion for nature and spirit of adventure is the core of
Amazon Explorer .

Edwin Villacorta

Edwin has worked and led tourism companies since 2003, both in the public and private sectors–providing them with innovative ideas. He is always attentive to every traveler’s requirement, and lives for unforgettable experiences. This attention to detail transmits to the staff in charge.

In Amazon Explorer, he is responsible for customer service, reservations, marketing and our digital media.

Dennis Reyna

Dennis is the son of Armando, both indigenous natives of the Matses ethnic group. He is an expert in indigenous survival techniques in the jungle.

Trained as a hunter by his father, his whole life was dedicated to this activity. This led him to specialize in the tracking and studying of the habits/behaviors of wildlife.

He has been working with Amazon Explorer for 15 years, and since then he has become a nature activist. Now all his hunting experience is used to locate wild animals in order to study and photograph them.

Thanks to his father who has taught him to blow tobacco (Nënë) and the holistic that uses frog poisons (Kambô), Dennis is an expert in these traditional ceremonies.

Dennis has become passionate about Amazonian wildlife photography. Together with Hector and Armando, they are always looking for new areas to explore.

Armando Reyna

Armando is the son of an authentic leader and one of the greatest indigenous warriors of the Matses ethnic group. He is the father of Dennis and like him, he was a great hunter. He is an expert in tracking and behavior of wild animals, perfectly imitating the sound of wildlife.

Knowledgeable about Matsés culture and history, he is also an expert in blowing tobacco (Nënë) and the uses of frog poison (Kambô). Armando has transmitted these traditions to his son Dennis, who is now a specialist.

Like Dennis, who has been with us for 15 years, he also became a defender and activist of endangered animals. With Hector and Dennis they explore new areas of the jungle.

Luis Reategui

As a trained military doctor, Luis manages the Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR) in the Amazon. He has extensive experience and has participated in several rescues in hostile areas of the jungle.

He is an instructor in survival in the jungle, a medical leader of the Search and Rescue Brigade, and speaker on patient care in emergencies and disasters. During his career he has been Head of the Emergency Service and Head of the Epidemiology Office of the Air Force Hospital of Peru.

He has certification in survival in the jungle, in basic survival medicine, and in search and rescue. Luis is a principal instructor in Amazon Explorer.

Roberto Almeida

Roberto belongs to the Search and Rescue Squad (SAR) of the Special Forces group. He is an expert in combat and a principal instructor in courses on special operations and survival in the jungle.

He has taken courses for commanders of the Peruvian Army, on survival in the sea, survival in the jungle, combat rescue, diving, military parachuting, free fall, explosive devices and of search and rescue in High Mountain Division of the National Police of Peru. He is the main military instructor of
Amazon Explorer .

Marc Legionary – Foreign Legion

Marc is a member of the French Foreign Legion since 1997, leader of the infantry combat team. He has carried out operations in Kosova, Djibouti, Senegal, Ivory Coast, French Guiana, Central African Republic and Chad.

He has taken courses in command, explosives, shooting, urban and jungle combat, diving, parachuting and armored vehicle handling. He is also trained in Krav Maga and close combat. Marc is the specialist in extreme survival for Amazon Explorer.

Fernando Pereira

Fernando has been dedicated to Japanese and Filipino fighting arts for more than twenty years. He is trained in edge weapons and a student of Grand Tuhon Leopoldo T. Gaje Jr. and Tuhon Mick Alcaraz. He has trained in the Philippines as an instructor of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

He is one of only two instructors in this combat system in South America. Every year he travels to the Philippines for instructions and gives international courses to civilians and military. He is a specialist in close combat for Amazon Explorer.