Amazon Survival

“Those who have not faced adversity do not know their own strength”
Supervivencia-amazon explorer

A real challenge to know your own limits, they must adapt to the environment to be able to Survive in the Amazon. They will use learned and improvised techniques to be successful. Indigenous and military instructors will supervise your performance.

Participants must be highly motivated, highly adaptable and in good physical and mental condition. A challenge that few adventurers are willing to face. All our itineraries take place deep in the jungle.

Survival is the “action of surviving in adverse conditions.” You must be prepared for an unexpected situation, to know how to act, cope and defend yourself in a hostile environment, using natural resources for our benefit.

You will be told very little about the survival itinerary, because it deals with the unknown and the unexpected. After all, it is survival, and there will be no guide to help you get through a real-life situation. Our goal is to make this training as close to the real thing as possible.

Basic Jungle Survival

Basic Jungle Survival

Discover your survival instinct, face situations that you would never have imagined. You learn to use natural resources for your own benefit and you will be a survivor in the Amazon.

  • Difficulty levels will be adapted according to the conditions of the participants.
  • There will be tolerance with those who participate, but at the same time they will be required to achieve the best performance of each one.

Embark on meticulously crafted jungle survival training designed for those with limited time individuals eager to immerse themselves in an authentic adventure and skillfully master essential jungle survival techniques with expert instructors.

Participants will acquire the ability to harness natural resources for their advantage, facing scenarios that demand strategic problem-solving for optimal survival success. This experience builds resilience, providing practical skills and a deep understanding of nature in survival.

Advanced Jungle Survival

Advanced Jungle Survival

You will face different situations, in which you will have to improvise, adapt to the environment, apply the acquired knowledge and use natural resources to survive.

  • Participants must face and overcome different situations without the help of the instructors.
  • Individual and / or group activities will be carried out.
  • The performance of each participant will be tested.
  • Participants must face isolation situations.
  • There shall be zero tolerance.

The participants will face diverse challenges in this jungle training, demanding them to overcome various situations. Those who decide to participate must test their courage by confronting genuine survival challenges in the Amazon jungle.

A genuine challenge for those eager to explore their own limits. Participants will confront situations of isolation and must adapt to the intricate Amazonian environment, navigating through dense foliage and unpredictable terrains to survive in the Amazon.

Extreme Jungle Survival

Extreme Jungle Survival

Our extreme jungle survival is only open to those who have undergone survival training. Don’t even try to book on if you’re inexperienced in survival; the answer is going to be no.

Our extreme survival is completely different from our survival trainings, and is probably very different from anything you have experienced before. It is a real challenge where risk will be your companion throughout the crossing.

  • We select the most remote areas for these challenges.
  • All adversities must be overcome to meet our objective.
  • All activities are developed as a team effort.
  • Limited places.

A transformative odyssey through untouched virgin jungle, where you’ll traverse rivers, streams, and swamps. Your triumph not only signifies the accomplishment of a challenging quest but also crowns you as a resilient Survivor of the Amazon, attesting to your indomitable spirit.

A Survival Challenge, where risk becomes your steadfast companion across a 350 km journey. This survival experience is a testament to your indomitable spirit, where success hinges solely on your unwavering will to survive and thrive as a true Survivor.

Survival Difficulty Levels

The intensity of our jungle survival experiences is categorized into three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Extreme.

BASIC: For participants with a strong motivation and a reasonable level of physical fitness.

ADVANCED: Physically demanding. Suited for participants with strong physical fitness and a high level of endurance.

EXTREME: For military personnel or experienced participants in survival, with exceptional adaptability and possessing excellent physical and mental fitness.

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