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Amazon Survival | 10 Days

AMAZON SURVIVAL Duration: 10 days Level of Difficulty:  A real challenge for those who wish to know their own limits in order to achieve success and SURVIVE in the Amazon. They will use learned techniques and other improvised techniques, both individually and as a team. At the end of the survival training, participants will receive a certificate. DAY 1 6:00…

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Amazon Challenge | 15 Days

AMAZON CHALLENGE Duration: 15 days Level of Difficulty:  Challenge for people with experience in adventure who are prepared to overcome their own physical and mental limits. The team will venture into a remote jungle area aboard a military helicopter. Our mission is to reach, in any adverse situation, an objective located 120 km away. Throughout the journey, extensive treks will…

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Amazon Survival | 7 Days

Expeditions in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru Duration: 7 days Level of Difficulty:  For those who want to experience a true adventure and at the same time learn techniques to survive in the jungle. The participants will receive instruction and will have the opportunity to apply the techniques learned. Each participant will carry out individual activities and with others from the…

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