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Expeditions in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru

Duration: 7 days

Level of Difficulty: 

For those who want to experience a true adventure and at the same time learn techniques to survive in the jungle.

The participants will receive instruction and will have the opportunity to apply the techniques learned.

Each participant will carry out individual activities and with others from the team. Everyone must adapt to the environment to achieve success and survive in the Amazon.

Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the Jungle Survival Training.


  • 6:00 am Transfer from Iquitos to Nauta city (2 hr).
  • Speedboat from Nauta to Requena (3 hr).
  • Hike to deep in the jungle.
  • Speech will be given about the Amazon region.
  • Survival principles.
  • Proper use of a machete.
  • Personal protection.
  • Overnight in the jungle.

Amazon Survival

DAY 2-5

  • Hike to a designated area to begin the challenge
  • During these days we will do the following activities:
  • Awareness of the area.
  • Construction of individual shelters.
  • Navigating by using the natural signs.
  • Compass training.
  • Techniques of finding water and food (use of natural resources).
  • Methods of making a campfire under extreme conditions.
  • Construction of traps to catch animals.
  • Improvised fishing.
  • Food preparation.
  • Identification of flora to be used to survive.
  • Recognition of harmful animals and plants.
  • Construction of individual flotation devices.
  • Emergency international signals.
  • Overnight in the jungle.
  • In these days we will eat self-collected food.

DAY 6-7

  • Return hike.
  • Arrival to Requena town.
  • Speedboat from Requena to Nauta city (3 hr).
  • Transfer from Nauta to Iquitos (2 hr).
  • 6:00 pm Arrival to Iquitos city.
  • Presentation of Certificates.

Includes: Transfer from Iquitos Airport, land and river transportations included in the itinerary, public speedboat from Requena to Nauta, native instructor and Amazon Explorer’s tour leader, presentation of Certificates. Materials: Mosquito nets.

Important: This program is open to highly motivated participants with a strong capacity for adaptation and who are in good physical and mental condition.

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  • Yarden
    Posted February 16, 2019 2:51 pm 0Likes

    Me and my friends would like to know the prices for the 7 says “survival”.
    And if there is an option for 4/5 days instead of 7.
    Please let my know 🙂

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