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Tag: Nocturnal hiking

Pacaya-Samiria Exploration | 6 Days

PACAYA-SAMIRIA EXPLORATION Duration: 6 days Level of Difficulty:  Composed of tropical floodplain rainforests, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (RNPS) covers parts of several provinces within the region of Loreto. These include: Requena, Alto Amazonas, and Ucayali. It covers more than 2,080,000 hectares (5,139,784 acres) and is the most extensive reserves in the Peruvian Amazon. In 2015, it was designated as…

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Urarina Expedition | 10 Days

URARINA EXPEDITION Duration: 10 days Level of Difficulty:  For those who want to get to know an indigenous Amazonian group, live with them and experience the Amazon through their ancestral customs. The Urarina tribe belongs to the family of Shimacos, this is a semi-nomadic group from the Amazon living for over 500 years in the Urituyacu and Chambira river basins…

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Ampiyacu Exploration | 10 Days

AMPIYACU EXPLORATION Duration: 10 days Level of Difficulty:  For those who want to have an experiential tourist experience, living with and getting to know the customs and culture of an indigenous Amazonian group. In the early twentieth century, as a result of the Rubber Boom, the Boras suffered serious demographic disintegration process, reducing their population of 15,000 to just 427…

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