Expeditions to Amazon Tribes

Matsés Exploration - Isolated
A genuine Maloca will be visited with indigenous Matsés who live isolated...
8 Days
Matsés Trip - Touristic
We will visit a Tourist Maloca located on the Loboyacu River. Currently,...
10 Days
MatsesTrek-12d 450x525
Matsés Trek
We are the first to visit this Genuine Maloca with indigenous Matsés...
12 Days
Ampiyacu Exploration
For those who wish to carry out an experiential tourism, to live together...
15 Days
ExMatses-15s 450x525
Matsés Expedition
Territory of the mysterious Feline Tribe, “Matsés” is considered one of the...
15 Days
ExShuar-20d 450x525
Shuar Expedition
Expedition to one of the most savage and warlike tribes of the Amazon,...
20 Days
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