Expeditions to Amazon Tribes

Matsés Exploration - Isolated
Embark on a fascinating journey to visit a genuine Maloca alongside indigenous...
8 Days
Matsés Trip - Touristic
Travel to a Tourist Maloca located on the Loboyacu River. Currently, this...
10 Days
MatsesTrek-12d 450x525
Matsés Trek
Embark on an unprecedented journey, venturing to be one of the first...
12 Days
ExMatses-15s 450x525
Matsés Expedition
In the heart of the Amazon rainforest lies the territory of the...
15 Days
Ampiyacu Exploration
For travelers seeking an immersive and authentic experience, we present an exclusive...
15 Days
ExShuar-20d 450x525
Shuar Expedition
Embark on an expedition to discover one of the most formidable and...
20 Days
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