Challenges in the Amazon

Amazon Adventure 450x525
Amazon Adventure
Embark on an expedition of a lifetime, into one of the most …

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25 Days
Amazon Wild 450x525
Amazon Wild
Prepare yourself for an expedition that will ignite your spirit in one …

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30 Days
Amazon Jungle Expedition 450x525
Amazon Jungle Expedition
Embrace the thrill of embarking on a daring adventure in a secluded …

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30 Days
Amazon Crossing 35 days
Amazon Crossing
You’ll traverse uncharted Amazon terrain by foot and navigate with canoes crafted …

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35 Days
Deep Jungle Expedition
Deep Jungle Expedition
In the depths of the Amazon there are still unexplored areas. Embark …

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35 Days
Amazon Lost Tribes 450x525
Amazon Lost Tribes Expedition
In the depths of the Amazon, there are still unexplored areas, home …

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40 Days
Expedition to Unexplored Lake-450x525
Unexplored Jungle Expedition
Unexplored corners of the Amazon remain hidden from discovery. Join us on …

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40 Days
Rainforest Expedition 450x525
Rainforest Expedition
Expedition in the heart of the wilderness, where every step is a …

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40 Days
Jungle Trek Expedition 450x525
Jungle Trek Expedition
Are you ready to push your limits and embrace the call of …

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40 Days
Amazon Extreme Expedition
Venture into the wild unknown, where nature’s challenges become your greatest triumphs. …

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50 Days
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