Great Amazon Expedition Amazon Explorer Peru Adventure

Great Amazon Expedition

Discover Your Wild Side

Great Amazon Expedition

$60 per person
60 Days
18+ Age

Expedition to one of the most remote and unexplored areas of ​​the Amazon

In the depths of the Amazon there is a region known as Sierra del Divisor. This unique and biodiverse land is home to uncontacted Indians.


  • Transfer from Iquitos airport.
  • Land and river transportation.
  • Plane back from Angamos / Iquitos.
  • Entry permit for the Matsés National Reserve and Communities.
  • Indigenous guides and Amazon Explorer leader.


  • Book with a minimum of 60 days in advance.
  • LIMITED SPACES: 6 participants.

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Iquitos Hotel or Airport
  • Departure Time
    To be confirmed
  • Return Time
    To be confirmed


  • Expedition area: Sierra del Divisor (Peru/Brazil border). It is one of the oldest geological formations in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Remain in complete isolation for two months.
  • Test our physical and mental strength, as well as the effort of the team to complete the challenge.
  • Discover unexplored areas where no one has reached.
  • Face inclement weather and difficult terrain.
  • Trek for days through virgin forest (without man made trails).
  • Cross hills, rivers, streams and aguajales (flooded areas where the aguaje palm trees grow).
  • Build shelters in different areas deep in the jungle.
  • Make dugout canoes.
  • Down river in our dugout canoes (218 miles/350 km).
  • Continue on foot when navigation is not possible.
  • Day and night explorations in search of animals.
  • Explore clay licks "Collpas" (containing mineral salts, where a large number and variety of animals congregate in order to ingest these salts).
  • Search for tracks and footprints of Jaguars.
  • Look for anacondas in the aguajales.
  • Collect and catch our food.
  • In this area new species may be discovered.
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