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Conquer the Uncharted

Amazon Explorer offers an exciting and extreme experience in a unique and challenging environment: The Amazon Rainforest. At Amazon Explorer, we don’t just offer experiences; we offer a journey into the heart of adventure in one of the world’s most unique and challenging environments.

Our Story: A Legacy of Exploration

Amazon Explorer was born from the passion of a devoted nature lover with over 30 years of exploration across remote regions in multiple countries. Our founder’s enthusiasm and expertise have shaped a legacy of exploration that transcends borders.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Specializing in organizing exhilarating adventure expeditions and providing comprehensive Amazon jungle survival training, we’ve become pioneers in the realm of tourism. Our journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and the boundless wonders that the Amazon Rainforest holds.

Discover the wild Amazon rainforest with Amazon Explorer. Our extraordinary tours offer nature lovers a unique and unforgettable experience. We organize  explorations in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Matsés National Reserve to capture wildlife  through photography. Explore the unique biodiversity of these lush environments, guided  by  local  experts  who  will  share  their  deep  knowledge  of  Amazonian  flora  and fauna, providing you with an enriching and educational perspective throughout your adventure.

Untamed Trails: Explore, Connect, Dare

Venture into exploring virgin jungle terrains, where you will connect with non-tourist indigenous tribes and push your limits with exciting challenges. For the boldest explorers, we guide high-risk expeditions into uncharted territories, where discovery awaits at every step.

Credibility and Recognition

Our commitment to excellence and passion for exploration have made us a benchmark in the world of adventures in the Amazon jungle. Amazon Explorer’s credibility is reinforced by our extensive track record in organizing and safely leading numerous expeditions.

Adventure Without Limits

Our expeditions are tailored for a wide range of clients, including military personnel, adventurers, explorers, student groups, researchers, photographers, documentary filmmakers, and renowned producers such as NatGeo and Discovery Channel, among others.

Over the years, our team’s extensive expertise and unwavering dedication have earned us global acclaim, with mentions in numerous international books, publications, and media outlets. We take pride in our reputation as leaders in the field, continually pushing the boundaries of exploration to inspire and captivate adventurers around the world.

Survival Training by Experts

Jungle Essence: True Luxury, No Frills

We have provided instruction to prominent national and international corporations, as well as military personnel. Our survival training in the Amazon jungle is led by military experts from the Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR) of the Peruvian Amazon, and seasoned instructors who have proven their expertise in real life situations. These instructors have faced challenges where they had to apply, discard, improvise, and develop innovative techniques to survive in the jungle.

On our expeditions there are no comforts; they are experiences in the authentic, hot and humid rainforest. You will live like the locals do, you will camp deep  in  the  jungle,  you  will  sleep  under  mosquito nets,  you will walk for  days,  you  will  bathe  in  jungle  rivers surrounded by the vibrant pulse of life.  “True luxury you will find in the majesty of the jungle itself.”

Remarkable Experiences in the Untamed Amazon

Jungle Expeditions & Survival

Why Choose Us?

Amazon Adventure
  • More than twenty of conducting expeditions and survival training in the Amazon jungle.
  • We are pioneers in designing, organizing and leading expeditions to remote areas of the Amazon rainforest, setting a benchmark for other companies to follow.
  • We are acknowledged in various global publications for our track record in organizing and leading numerous expeditions with utmost safety for adventurers, expeditioners, students, researchers, documentarians, and renowned producers like NatGeo and Discovery Channel, among others.
  • We guarantee equitable compensation for our staff and provide training to our native guides, fostering a commitment to the protection and conservation of the Amazon rainforest.
  • For expeditions involving one to four participants, our team comprises four qualified individuals: a Spanish/English tour leader (expedition supervisor), a native guide, a native cook, and a boat driver.
  • We continually explore new areas deep in the jungle with the aim of enriching the appeal of our itineraries, providing our adventurers with unique and exciting experiences in the midst of lush nature, and opening up the possibility of creating new routes.
  • We stand out with our authentic commitment to preserving the jungle and wildlife. Each expedition is a genuine expression of our passion for nature.
  • Our commitment to the jungle goes beyond a service; it’s a shared adventure, a personalized journey, and an unforgettable escape that sets us apart.
  • We actively support indigenous communities in our operational areas, providing financial, medical, educational, and employment benefits to bolster their well-being.
  • We provide exclusive private expeditions with small groups, ensuring an intimately personalized and immersive experience.
  • Our military instructors are integral members of the Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR) in the Peruvian Amazon, contributing to the safety and ensuring the quality of our jungle survival courses.
  • We actively support the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and abandoned street animals by allocating a portion of the income generated from our expeditions.
  • Amazon Explorer, in collaboration with the NGO Jaguar Matsés Connection  (www.jaguarmatsesconnection.com), we actively support Matsés communities in their efforts for the conservation of the jaguar and other endangered species.
  • We prioritize environmental stewardship, actively promoting the sustainable development of the indigenous communities we visit, reaffirming our commitment to the preservation of the Amazon.
  • For the last 8 years, we have dedicated ourselves to rescuing stray animals in the city of Iquitos. Many of the animals we rescue found adoptive homes, while those less fortunate continue to be under our care. Currently, we have a shelter located 5 km from the city of Iquitos, where we house 39 rescued cats and 10 dogs. With the valuable help of our clients, we can continue with this noble activity, thus contributing to improving the lives of these defenseless beings.
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Our Best Warranty

Our intrepid adventurous spirit drives us to explore the most unexplored areas of the Amazon jungle. We thank our brave explorers for placing their trust in us for these exciting journeys. Our unwavering dedication to safety and excellence in organizing and leading numerous expeditions has earned us international recognition and prestige, as evidenced by various publications. We are committed to providing unforgettable experiences as we explore nature's secrets together.

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