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Amazon Explorer Expeditions Peru

We offer an exciting and extreme experience in a unique and challenging environment: The Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Explorer was born from the inspiration of an ardent nature lover whose enthusiasm has driven him to explore remote regions in various countries more than 30 years. Our specialty is organizing thrilling adventure expeditions and providing comprehensive Amazon jungle survival training within the field of tourism.

In the untamed Amazon Rainforest, we specialize in curating remarkable experiences for nature enthusiasts. We conduct wildlife photography tours in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Matsés National Reserve, organize expeditions to non-tourist indigenous tribes, offer thrilling jungle challenges, and we lead high-risk expeditions in unexplored areas. Our extensive experience has garnered global recognition and earned mentions in numerous books and international publications.

Our commitment to excellence and passion for exploration have made us a reference in the world of adventures in the Amazon jungle. Amazon Explorer’s credibility is reinforced by our extensive track record of organizing and safely leading numerous expeditions for a wide range of clients, including military personnel, adventurers, explorers, student groups, researchers, photographers, documentary makers, and renowned producers like NatGeo and Discovery Channel, among others.

We have provided instruction to prominent Peruvian and international corporations, as well as military personnel, in Jungle Survival Courses. Our survival training in the Amazon jungle is led by military experts from the Peruvian Amazon’s Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR).

In our expeditions there are no comforts, they are experiences in the genuine rainy, hot and humid jungle. You will live as the locals do, you will camp deep of the jungle, you will sleep under mosquito nets, you will trek for hours and days, you will bathe in jungle rivers, surrounded by trees and life.

“The true luxury you will discover resides in the majesty of the jungle itself.”

Jungle Expeditions & Survival

Why Choose Us?

Amazon Explorer Expeditions & Survival to the Amazon Rainforest Peru South America

  • We have been operating in the Amazon jungle for more than 20 years.
  • We are pioneers in designing, organizing and leading expeditions to remote areas of the Amazon rainforest and a role model for other companies.
  • We are recognized in numerous worldwide publications for having organized and led numerous expeditions in total safety for adventurers, expeditioners, students, researchers, documentarians and producers such as NatGeoDiscovery Channel, among others.
  • We fairly compensate our staff and educate our native guides to promote the protection and conservation of the Amazon rainforest.
  • For expeditions with one to six people, we have four qualified personnel, consisting of an English/Spanish tour leader (expedition supervisor), a native guide, a cook and a boat driver.


  • We are constantly exploring new areas, so we can make our itineraries more attractive.
  • We support the indigenous communities where we operate, by providing financial, medical, educational, and employment benefits.
  • We provide private expeditions with small groups.
  • Our military instructors make up the Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR) in the Peruvian Amazon.
  • We help in the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and abandoned street animals, by allocating part of our income generated from our expeditions.
  • Hand in hand with the NGO Jaguar Matsés Connection (www.jaguarmatsesconnection.com), we support Matsés communities for the conservation of the jaguar and other endangered species.
  • We are concerned about the environment and therefore promote sustainable development of the indigenous communities we visit.

Our Best Warranty

Our intrepid adventurous spirit drives us to enter the most unexplored areas of the Amazon jungle. We thank our brave explorers for placing their trust in us. We have gained global recognition, being featured in various publications, for organizing and leading numerous expeditions with an absolute commitment to safety, serving adventurers, students, researchers, documentary filmmakers and renowned producers, such as NatGeo, Discovery Channel, among others.

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