Environmental Responsibility

Jaguar Protection

Amazon Explorer together with Jaguar Matsés Connection promote the protection of the Jaguar in the Matsés National Reserve for the benefit of native communities, ecosystems and all species.

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Jaguar Conservation

Jaguars and Matsés have lived alongside each other for centuries. But the adoption of shotguns came at a great cost to the local wildlife and more specifically the big cats. Often perceived as a ruthless predator, encounters with people have become deadly to the animal. By using photography, we aim to restore the harmonious and respectful relationship between the Jaguar and the Matsés. A healthy population of apex predators is key to a diverse ecosystem.

Our knowledge of the area, our relationship with the indigenous population, our experience in expeditions and our passion for the well-being of wildlife make us allies to manage all the field operations carried out at Jaguar Matsés Connection.

Work Area

Jaguar Matsés Connection‘s work area is in the Matsés National Reserve, from the community of Buen Perú in the north to the source of the Río Gálvez in the south.

Matsés Community

The Matsés are a community of indigenous people from the Peruvian Amazon. They are spread over 16 villages in the Yaquerana district, in the north eastern region, on the border with Brazil. The contact with the outside world was made relatively late in comparison to other native tribes, since it took place in 1969. Therefore, they have maintained a relatively unchanged way of life. Equally, the remoteness of their territory significantly limits their access to modern amenities.


Nature is our origin, our home, our passion, our adventure

Support Our Activities

Jaguar Protection-amazon explorer

Reasons to donate:

  • As a responsible company, we care about wild animals and the conservation of natural areas.
  • 100% of all donations are for operating expenses.
  • Amazon Explorer also allocates a portion of its income for the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals and stray domestic animals.
  • Our rescues are non-profit, motivated only by the love of animals.
  • We currently have 39 cats and 10 rescued dogs in our home.

Tourism that adopts good environmental practices inevitably contributes to the quality of its environment, improving the experience of travelers and the standard of living of local communities.

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