Amazon Explorer Team

Our Team: Deep Connection with the Amazon


Native Guides, Guardians of the Jungle

Our Amazon Explorer guide team hails from local indigenous communities, native to the regions where we conduct our expeditions. Through a rigorous selection process, we ensure they possess a profound knowledge of Amazonian wildlife, making them exceptionally well-suited for the tasks at hand.

Authentic Rituals with Indigenous Experts

The execution of Amazonian rituals is exclusively entrusted to indigenous experts rooted in the traditions of their respective ethnic groups.

Military Leadership in Survival Courses

The leadership of our Survival Courses is under the guidance of highly qualified military instructors, currently serving members of the Search and Rescue (SAR) Brigade in the Peruvian Amazon.

Real-world Experience in Jungle Survival Training

Our Jungle Survival Training is led by instructors with real-world experience in extreme situations. They have proven their worth by applying, discarding, improvising, and developing new techniques to survive in the jungle.

Deep Link with the Jungle: A Comprehensive and Enriching Experience

This approach not only raises the professional caliber of our jungle trips, but also ensures that participants receive training and guidance from a team of experienced experts with diverse skills, thus creating an authentic and enriching connection to the heart of the Amazon.

Hector Vezirian-amazon explorer

Hector Vezirian

Hector, a seasoned naturalist and adventurer, has devoted over three decades to exploring remote regions across various countries, specializing in indigenous and military survival techniques.

Each year, he allocates a month or two to immerse himself in uncharted jungles, navigating challenges solo and embracing the untouched terrains where no one else has ventured.

At the core of Amazon Explorer lies Hector’s unwavering passion for nature and his intrepid spirit. His message is resolute: each exploration is a call to action, reminding us that our dedication to environmental responsibility is the very essence of adventure.

Beyond his love for the jungle, Hector is a passionate protector of wildlife, dedicating time to rescuing and rehabilitating animals. As a founding member of the NGO Jaguar Matsés Connection, he advocates for the protection of the jaguar (Panthera onca) in the Matsés National Reserve, benefiting native communities and ecosystems. With awareness and dedication, he spreads the importance of preserving endangered wildlife among his co-workers and the communities he visits.

Héctor not only leads expeditions and imparts survival training but also embodies the efficacy of his teachings when confronted with challenging real-world situations.

One of his notable triumphs includes crossing the Gueppi National Park, treking more than 100 kilometers on the Peru- Ecuador border. Additionally, he explored the Sierra del Divisor National Park, traveling more than 1000 kilometers sailing and trekking along the border between Peru and Brazil. Pioneering the first on-foot exploration of an untouched lake in Sierra del Divisor Park, accompanied by his friend George Huo. He also trekked from the town of Angamos to the Amazonian town of Thamshiyacu, covering 120 kilometers through a remote jungle, among other notable achievements.

His extraordinary experiences serve as an inspiring testimony to the indomitable human spirit, unleashing the true potential within ourselves.

Edwin Villacorta-amazon explorer

Edwin Villacorta

Edwin, with a career spanning since 2003, has dedicated himself to the field of tourism, accumulating extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. His commitment to the industry is marked by a passion for innovation and the generation of forward-thinking ideas. Holding a degree in International Business and Tourism, coupled with a Master’s in Business Administration and Management, Edwin brings a solid academic background to his professional endeavors.

His expertise extends beyond the realms of business and management, encompassing a diverse set of skills acquired through diplomas in Public Management, Human Resources, and State Administrative Systems. Edwin’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his specialized training in Strategic Planning of Tourism Companies and Customer Service.

Beyond his academic and professional achievements, Edwin embraces a profound sense of responsibility towards nature. Recognizing the significance of sustainable tourism, he actively integrates environmentally friendly practices into his work. His dedication to preserving and respecting the natural world underscores his commitment to responsible tourism practices.

Dennis Reyna-amazon explorer

Dennis Reyna

Dennis’s profound connection to the Amazon rainforest goes beyond being the son of Armando; both share indigenous roots within the Matsés ethnic group. As an individual deeply ingrained in the traditional practices of his community, Dennis has honed his expertise in indigenous survival techniques specific to the jungle environment.

Raised under the guidance of his father, Dennis’s life has been dedicated to the art of hunting. However, this journey has evolved into a profound understanding of the intricate balance of nature. His specialization extends beyond the mere pursuit of game, focusing on the meticulous tracking and study of wildlife habits and behaviors.

For the past 15 years, Dennis has been an integral part of the Amazon Explorer team. During this time, he underwent a transformative shift, emerging as a nature activist. Rather than employing his hunting skills for traditional purposes, he now utilizes his experience to locate wild animals with the primary goal of studying and photographing them, contributing to the broader understanding and conservation of Amazonian biodiversity.

Dennis’s cultural heritage is not confined to practical skills alone. Thanks to his father’s teachings, he is proficient in performing traditional ceremonies, such as blowing tobacco (Nënë) and applying frog poison (Kambô). These rituals, deeply rooted in Matsés traditions, add a spiritual and cultural dimension to Dennis’s connection with the jungle. Collaborating with colleagues Hector and Armando, they embark on continuous explorations, seeking out new and untouched areas of the rainforest.

Armando Reyna-amazon explorer

Armando Reyna

Armando’s heritage traces back to authentic leadership and the lineage of one of the most renowned indigenous warriors within the Matsés ethnic group. Stepping into the footsteps of his forebears, Armando, the father of Dennis, has carved out a formidable legacy as an exceptional hunter and tracker.

Drawing upon the wisdom passed down through generations, Armando possesses an unparalleled understanding of the jungle and its inhabitants. His expertise lies not only in the art of hunting but also in the intricate skill of tracking and deciphering the behaviors of wild animals. A master of auditory mimicry, Armando can perfectly imitate the sounds of the diverse wildlife that inhabits the Amazon jungle.

Armando’s contributions extend beyond individual prowess; he stands as the discoverer of numerous clay licks within the Matsés National Reserve. His intimate knowledge of Matsés culture and history enriches the Amazon Explorer team’s understanding of the region, creating a bridge between ancient traditions and modern exploration.

Proficient  in the sacred rituals of  blowing tobacco (Nënë) and using frog poison  (Kambô),  Armando has passed these traditions on to his son, Dennis, who has become a specialist in these ceremonial arts.

Despite his impressive individual achievements, Armando has embraced a broader mission. Following in the footsteps of Dennis, he has transitioned into a defender and activist for endangered animals. In collaboration with colleagues Hector and Dennis, Armando continues to explore uncharted territories of the jungle.

Luis Reategui-amazon explorer

Luis Reategui

Luis, a seasoned military doctor, plays a pivotal role as an integral member of the Search and Rescue Brigade (SAR) in the vast and challenging terrain of the Amazon rainforest. With an illustrious career marked by a wealth of experience, he has actively participated in numerous high-stakes rescue missions in the unforgiving and hostile expanses of the jungle.

Beyond his integral role in SAR, Luis assumes the position of a distinguished instructor specializing in jungle survival techniques. His expertise extends to being a medical leader within the Search and Rescue Brigade, where he not only showcases remarkable clinical proficiency but also imparts invaluable knowledge on patient care in the midst of emergencies and disasters.

The trajectory of Luis’s career includes significant roles such as Head of the Emergency Service and Head of the Epidemiology Office at the Air Force Hospital of Peru, demonstrating his multifaceted capabilities in managing critical medical operations.

His commitment to excellence is underscored by a series of certifications, including those in jungle survival, survival medicine, and search and rescue. Luis stands out as one of the principal instructors affiliated with Amazon Explorer, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to navigate and survive the challenges posed by the Amazonian wilderness.

Roberto Almeida-amazon explorer

Roberto Almeida

Roberto stands as a distinguished member of the Search and Rescue Squad (SAR) within the esteemed Special Forces group, bringing a wealth of expertise in combat and special operations to the forefront. Renowned as a principal instructor, he plays a pivotal role in designing and delivering courses that delve into the intricacies of special operations and survival techniques in the challenging terrain of the jungle.

His comprehensive training background is a testament to his commitment to excellence. Roberto has undergone specialized courses designed for commanders within the Peruvian Army, covering a diverse range of skills such as survival in the sea, jungle survival, combat rescue tactics, diving, military parachuting, free fall techniques, handling explosive devices, Search and Rescue operations in the High Mountain Division of the National Police of Peru. This extensive training equips him with a multifaceted skill set, enabling him to navigate and excel in diverse and demanding operational environments.

His contributions as an Amazon Explorer instructor further solidify his role in imparting crucial knowledge and skills to individuals aspiring to excel in the realm of special operations and survival in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Marc Legionary – Foreign Legion-amazon explorer

Marc Legionary – Foreign Legion

Marc boasts an illustrious and enduring tenure as a devoted member of the French Foreign Legion, having joined its ranks in 1997 and ascending to the esteemed position of leader within the infantry combat team. His extensive operational experience spans diverse and challenging terrains, with notable missions executed in regions such as Kosovo, Djibouti, Senegal, Ivory Coast, French Guiana, the Central African Republic, and Chad. Throughout these deployments, Marc has showcased exceptional leadership and combat skills, earning him a reputation as a seasoned and reliable member of the Military Force.

In his relentless pursuit of mastery in various aspects of military operations, Marc has actively sought out and completed a multitude of specialized courses. These include intensive training in command strategies, explosives handling, precise marksmanship, urban and jungle combat tactics, underwater diving, military parachuting, and the proficient operation of armored vehicles. His diverse skill set reflects a commitment to excellence and a readiness to adapt to the dynamic challenges presented by different environments and mission requirements.

Marc’s role as the extreme survival specialist underscores his capability to navigate the complexities of the Amazonian wilderness, ensuring that individuals under his guidance are equipped with the skills needed to endure and succeed in the most demanding and unpredictable situations.

Fernando Pereira-amazon explorer

Fernando Pereira

Fernando’s lifelong commitment to the intricate world of Japanese and Filipino fighting arts spans over two decades, a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for martial disciplines. His expertise in these disciplines is not only extensive but also highly specialized, focusing on the mastery of edge weapons under the guidance of esteemed mentors, including Grand Tuhon Leopoldo T. Gaje Jr. and Tuhon Mick Alcaraz.

His commitment to the art is exemplified by his role as an instructor of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, a martial art renowned for its efficiency in blade combat. Fernando’s dedication to mastering this combat system has taken him to the very heart of its origin – the Philippines, where he has undergone intensive training to become one of only two certified instructors in South America, a testament to his unparalleled expertise in the region.

Annually, he embarks on a pilgrimage to the Philippines, seeking further instructions from the source and continually refining his skills. His commitment to staying at the forefront of these martial disciplines is not only a personal pursuit but also a commitment to sharing his knowledge globally.

Fernando’s unique blend of traditional martial arts, specialized expertise in edge weapons, and commitment to continuous learning make him an invaluable asset to Amazon Explorer. His role as a specialist instructor in Close Combat reflects not only his personal journey of mastery but also his dedication to equipping others with the skills necessary for self-defense and survival in challenging environments.

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