The Frog Medicine – Kambô

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The Frog Medicine – Kambô

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Since ancient times, Amazonian tribes have performed rituals for various purposes, such as healing, boosting courage, gaining wisdom, building strength, and fostering harmony with nature to enhance hunting skills. This rich knowledge, passed down through generations, is now accessible with the guidance of our experts.

While these rituals can be performed in a single day, the true benefits are best realized over a recommended seven-day period.


The Frog Medicine, known as Medicina del Sapo in Spanish, Acate in the Matsés language, and Kambô or Vacina do Sapo in Brazilian Portuguese, is an ancestral ceremony conducted by native experts from the Matsés ethnic group and other indigenous Amazonian peoples.

In the Matsés tradition, the ceremony begins with the capture of a giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), renowned for its ability to climb into the rainforest canopy. The Matsés expert immobilizes it by tying its four extremities, extracts the poison, and places it on a previously prepared piece of wood. After extracting enough venom, they release the frog back into the wild. The poison deposited on the wood is then dried and saved for future use.

The expert heats a thin vine (tamshi) and burns multiple points on the participant’s arm or chest, causing instant blisters on their skin. The number of burn points will depend on each person’s tolerance. Subsequently, the blisters are scratched open one by one and the frog venom is applied to the wounds.

This practice is typically performed on rainy days by the Matsés to enhance energy, build trust, and improve shooting skills for hunting. Days after the ceremony, the Matsés will enter the jungle to put their improved bowhunting skills to the test.

According to research, the substance secreted by the giant frog contains deltorphin, acting as an emetic, and dermorphin, serving as a potent analgesic. While traditionally employed, this practice has also found applications in alternative medicine.

At Amazon Explorer, we facilitate this transformative practice with the guidance of a Matsés expert, providing participants with an authentic experience rooted in ancient Amazonian traditions.

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