The Tobacco Inhalation – Nënë

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The Tobacco Inhalation – Nënë

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Ancient Amazonian tribes have engaged in rituals for centuries, each serving unique purposes such as healing, fostering courage, acquiring wisdom, building strength, and establishing harmony with nature to enhance hunting skills. Passed down from generation to generation, this profound knowledge is now accessible through the guidance of our experts.

While it is possible to partake in these rituals in a single day, the true benefits are best realized when dedicating at least seven days to the process.


The indigenous experts of the Matsés tribe, meticulously craft a refined green powder known as Nënë in their language or sometimes referred to as Nunu in Spanish. This preparation involves tobacco leaves (Nicotiana tabacum) and the bark of a tree known as copuí or mountain cocoa (Theobroma subincanum).

This practice is usually performed by two people. An expert Matsés pours a dose of the preparation into one end of a previously elaborate hollow reed. The other end of the cane is inserted into the nostril of the person who is going to inhale the tobacco, and the expert blows the dust forcefully at the other person who receives the “Nënë”.
The number of inhalations will depend on the individual’s tolerance, and and the dust should be blown with equal amounts into each nostril. This practice is exclusive to men; women do not participate.

The efficacy of the Nënë ceremony lies in the expertise of the person administering it. The expert not only delivers the tobacco but also imparts their spirit and power to the recipient.

This practice is exclusively reserved for men seeking to gain courage, power, and energy. However, it can also be undertaken for celebratory purposes, to induce visions, or to find solace after a challenging day. Given the Matsés tribe’s strong connection between hunting and shamanism, Nënë is employed to enhance archery skills and improve hunting proficiency.

At Amazon Explorer, we facilitate this transformative practice with the guidance of a Matsés expert, offering participants a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from this ancient Amazonian tradition.

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