Level Of Difficulty For Our Expeditions

To find out the difficulty of our expeditions, we have classified them into four categories: Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Strenuous. We take many factors into consideration, including comfort, the number days, the distance traveled, the difficulty of the terrain and the dangers that could occur.



Suitable for most people in good health. These expeditions are of few days, with short walks on good paths and canoe trips.



A reasonable level of physical condition is required, since these expeditions may require higher levels of resistance due to the continuous activities that are carried out. The hikes are longer and the paths more difficult.



These expeditions are physically demanding and better suited for people with a higher level of stamina. They are expeditions in remote areas and lasting several days. With few comforts, long hours of river navigation, hikes for hours and demanding terrain. Participants must carry their backpack.



In these expeditions there are activities of up to 10 hours or more per day, hard hikes through virgin jungle and night explorations in unexplored areas. They are expeditions that last several days and there are no comforts. It is necessary to have high adaptability, good physical condition and a high level of resistance. Participants must carry their backpack.

Level Of Difficulty For Our Survival

A real challenge to know your own limits, they must adapt to the environment to be able to SURVIVE in the Amazon. They will use learned and improvised techniques to be successful. Indigenous and military instructors will supervise your performance. The difficulty of our Survival in the jungle, we have classified them into three categories: Basic, Advanced and Extreme.


For highly motivated participants with a reasonable level in their physical conditions.



Physically demanding. For strong participants, with very good physical conditions and a high level of resistance.



For military personnel or participants with experience in survival, with great adaptability and excellent physical and mental conditions.

Challenges In The Amazon


30 Days

50 Days

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