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Welcome to Amazon Explorer: Pioneers in Adventure Tourism in the Amazon Rainforest

Discover the wonderful Amazon jungle with us, leaders in expeditions into uncharted territories, wildlife tracking, survival challenges deep in the jungle, and thrilling adventures in the Peruvian Amazon. With over 20 years of experience, we have pioneered jungle adventure tours, beginning our explorations from the city of Iquitos, Peru.

Our Experience:

We lead Amazon expeditions to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Matsés National Reserve. We specialize in wildlife tracking and photography, amazon tours, trips to non-tourist indigenous tribes, survival challenges, and high-risk expeditions into unexplored areas.

Our Jungle Trips Include:

  • Wildlife expeditions.
  • Trips to Amazonian tribes.
  • Bird watching.
  • Jungle trekking.
  • Jungle adventure tours.
  • Wildlife photography.
  • Survival in the jungle.
  • Amazonian challenges.

Tailored Adventures with Custom Amazon Travel Programs

We design jungle expeditions that adapt to your preferences. Our programs have been developed thanks to the experience of having explored the most remote areas of the jungle for years. The programs can be customized based on your preferences, including the time available, chosen activities, selected area, and desired level of difficulty. Our personalized trips take you off-the-beaten-path, offering a unique and authentic experience.

“The jungle hides its secrets to those who dare to venture inside, but it also reveals its beauty to those who have the courage to explore it.”

Anaconda Amazon Expedition

Clients and Recognitions:

We have led and directed expeditions and survival training in the Amazon rainforest, attracting a diverse clientele that includes military personnel, adventurers, photographers, researchers and documentary producers. Our reputation as the best choice for unique jungle experiences is backed by years of outstanding service.

Through each expedition, we have created genuine bonds with those who share our passion for nature and authenticity. Become part of our community of passionate travelers who have trusted us to live authentic and enriching experiences.

Explore the Amazon rainforest with Amazon Explorer and discover its wild wonders on our exciting jungle trips. Begin an unforgettable adventure with us and let every leaf, every sound and every encounter inspire you on this wonderful journey!

Choose Your Adventure In Amazon Jungle

Adventure In Amazon Jungle pacaya samiria amazon explorer

Pacaya Samiria Tours

Let Nature Surprise You Expeditions focus on observing wildlife in a protected area of the jungle. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the largest in the Peruvian Amazon, located more than 140 km from Iquitos city. The ideal place for nature lovers to experience a true adventure in the captivating Amazon rainforest.

Expeditions to Amazon Tribes amazon explorer

Expeditions to Amazon Tribes

Discover Tribes Lost In Time In the depths of the Amazon, discover tribes lost in time. Explore their amazing rituals and hidden mysteries. Go on adventure tourism in remote areas of the jungle and live a unique experience of cultural immersion, combined with wildlife observation. An unforgettable adventure begins!

Extreme Jungle Expeditions amazon explorer

Extreme Jungle Expeditions

Explore Deep Of The Jungle Explore the depths of the Amazon jungle and let nature surprise you with the unknown. Discover wild areas where no one else has ventured, where some species are waiting to be discovered. Set out on an extraordinary expedition to totally unexplored jungle areas that will make you return to the origin of time.

Jungle Survival Training amazon explorer

Jungle Survival Training

Are You Ready To Survive In The Jungle? Survive in the jungle with your own skills, where you will use learned and improvised techniques to be successfully guided. Indigenous and military instructors will expertly supervise your performance, ensuring a true adventure where you must apply the techniques learned to thrive and survive in the Amazon.

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Challenges in the Amazon

Discover Your Wild Side Face extreme challenges in the unexplored jungle. Dare to explore the depths of the jungle in total isolation, where no one has ever been. Challenges await for true adventurers with the highest level of adaptability, endurance, and the highest physical and mental strength found in a few participants.

Amazon Jungle Rituals amazon explorer

Amazon Jungle Rituals

Know The Mysteries Of The Jungle Thousands of years ago, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been using the power of rituals to heal, take courage, and gain strength. Their wisdom has survived the passage of time, and today we can discover it. Live the experience of these rituals with total safety and care provided by our experts.

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Challenges in the Jungle amazon explorer

Challenges in the Jungle

Join the once-in-a-lifetime challenge, exclusive for true adventurers. Discover unexplored areas of the Amazon jungle. Dare yourself!

expeditions and survival training amazon explorer

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Check our captivating expeditions and survival training in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Join a group and secure the best price.

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Amazon Explorer specializes in adventure tourism in the jungle, survival and expeditions in the Peruvian rainforest

  • For  wildlife-focused   travelers,  our expeditions  aim   to find   different  species   of  jungle animals  and  go   on   boat  tours  for   birdwatching.
  • For adventure-focused travelers, our trips include explorations into the deep jungle to live with Amazon Indians. These jungle tribesare in remote areas, where we can also find several species of ranforest animals, that are difficult to see for most conventional tourists.
  • For the more hardened travelers, we do extreme high-risk challenges in unexplored areas and jungle survival training.

Amazon Tours Reviews

Claudia V
Claudia V
Adventure of a lifetime - the REAL thing! I spent 40 days in the Jungle on a high risk Expedition with Amazon Explorer. (Hector, Dennis, Armando, George, Armando Jr. and Silvia the cook) The adventure was REAL. This trip was tailor made to my requests. Since I travelled solo, it was very important for me to have a reliable and trustworthy team with me which I found in Amazon Explorer. I was able to count on every member if the team. They went out if their ways to make everything possible for me. I can highly recommend this company in any respect. They are worth their money. They truly value integrity. Very professional and still providing the personal touch. Honestly, I would not do this trip with any other company. Trip of a lifetime!
Santiago P
Santiago P
Muy buena Gran Agradecimiento a Héctor, Denis, Armando y equipo . Excelente viaje, muy buena experiencia en lugares poco explorados del amazonas,pasamos muy buenos días entre placer , esfuerzo y desafios , recorriendo selva adentro viendo todo tipo de animales.... Fue posible llevarlo a cabo Gracias al conocimiento y dedicación del equipo amazon Explorer conformado por muy buena Gente profecional en la organización de la logística que ofrecen con atención personalizada.
Charles v
Charles v
Expedición, 22 días de supervivencia en lugar inexplorado Muchas gracias a Hector y Denis! Aún con la pandemia pudimos armar una expedición de 22 días en un lugar bastante inexplorado. Una experiencia maravillosa con sus dificultades y sus momentos de pura felicidad. Hector nos ayudó hasta el último momento en la preparación del viaje pero también fue de mucha ayuda más luego cuando querío, con amigo, armar nuestra propia expedición. Un hombre de confianza, honeste y muy dedicado y serio en lo que realiza. También muchas gracias a Denis (matses que viajó con nosotros) por la transmisión de todo sus conocimientos de la selva y el tiempo que ha tomado para enseñarnos. De nuevo, muchas gracias a todo el equipo de Amazon Explorer! Seguro que volveré! Abrazos, Carlos
Quentin C
Quentin C
An awesome expedition with honest people A friend and myself made a 3-weeks-expedition with Hector, the main guide, and Dennis, a native Matsès that knows a lot about the jungle. The expedition was not one of the existing ones but we designed our adventure together and specific to our needs. Hector is a honest man and he loves what he's doing which makes it very fun and pleasing to travel with him and with Amazon Explorer! The expedition was awesome and exactly how we wanted and Hector helped us even after our adventure to prepare our next expedition. I strongly recommend traveling with them!
Nathaly C. Vega
Nathaly C. Vega
Qué buena historia! Fui con amigos a conocer la selva, un poco inseguros al comienzo. Sin embargo, puedo decir que la experiencia fue increíble y nos hemos llevado los mejores recuerdos. Todo fue cuidadosamente organizado, la comida deliciosa (guiño para John, nuestro capitán cheff) y el guía nativo (Dino) conocía la selva tan a la perfección que nos sorprendía. Finalmente, nuestro guía principal y ahora amigo, Manolo, se encargó de que sea una experiencia inolvidable y nos contó las mejores historias (espero cuente la nuestra a grupos futuros). Sigan con el buen trabajo y esa chispa! 10 puntos!!
Jean S
Jean S
« Anaconda Expédition » 20 days, This is my second trip with Amazon Explorer, after "Searching For El Dorado" I lived an incredible 20-day expedition to the Matses Reserve with the natives of Buen Peru village, experts from the Amazon rainforest, welcoming, considerate and very helpful. Not by boat, but in native canoes carved from tree trunks. A trip to the water's edge. After several days of searching, Dennis found the lair of a beautiful anaconda, hidden underground, in the vegetation. A great moment of exaltation to see this big snake waving in front of me. I also sailed on a survival raft made with 3 logs of trees, a great adventure in this impenetrable region of Peru on the border with Brazil. In addition a paradise of birds, fishes, monkeys, ... And to finish an amazing trek, supported of 50 km to join Requena, The organization of the expedition was impeccable, very good logistics for 20 days in complete autonomy, thank you Hector for all these emotions lived. Thanks to the community Matses, Armando, Dennis, Herman, Lidia for their assistance. I can only recommend "Amazon Explorer" to all enthusiasts of expeditions in the Amazon, off the beaten track, real nature in its raw state, the authentic Amazon! In camping, not in lodge Jean (Geneva, Switzerland)
Timothy A
Timothy A
Amazing 4-day-adventure This must be the best tour we have ever had! Erman, the local guide, is an amazing guy, always in such a good mood. You just feel that he loves his job as a guide, sharing all his knowledge and showing you a part of this amazing jungle world. He spots animals everywhere where you would otherwise just walk past oblivious to them. He can immitate the sounds of loads of birds and other animals, so we got to see so many different animals that it is impossible to remember them all. We saw caimans, dolphins, otters, monkeys, spiders, sloths and all kinds of insects and got to try some coconut worms freshly picked out of a fruit :P Our tour guide, Rafael, did a great job of translating everything into English for us. He is also a fun guy to be with. They definitely make a good team and if you are thinking about going, we can recommend requesting the two of them. The food was also beautiful. We tried fishing once, which is really not hard in the Amazon, and the cook was so kind to prepare the piranha that we caught so we got to try that too. We loved it so much, would always do it again and can only recommend it to everyone! Us, one being terribly afraid of spiders and the other of being eaten by a crocodile enjoyed it that much that we would never want to have missed out on it. Everyone is really lovely and it was such a great experience!
Muad kazim
Muad kazim
Anaconda expedition We headed with professional hector to the remote matses national park in the boarder with peru , If you are looking for a real jungle and not touristy one, this is the right place to go to , We were looking for animals all the time in a barely discovered places, fishing, we hunted a bird once, and most importantly WE SAW AN ANACONDA the queen of the jungle , Thanks for hector and the professional team for making this trip happens
Karla A
Karla A
Fantástico Hice un tour con amazon explorer a la Reserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria. Vi muchos animales en un corto tiempo! Aves, monos, delfines, oso perezoso, lobo de rio. El team fue muy amable y atento especialmente Rafael. Una excelente experiencia en el Amazonas. La comida perfecta y mucha variedad incluyendo comida de la region. No busques en otro lugar. Esta es la mejor
Ame la selva Tomamos los servicios de esta excelente compañía especializada en tours de aventura( la mas completa para mi) en la selva. Tuvimos una magnifico experiencia, Amazon explorer cuenta con un equipo calificado y muy servicial, Rafael, Lorenzo, lulu (cocinera) una excelente elección para conocer la selva

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