The Mystery of The Amazons: The Enigma of the Women Warriors – Part 1

The Mystery of The Amazons 1-Blog

In the year 1542, a daring band of explorers, under the command of the intrepid Spanish captain, Francisco de Orellana, embarked on a perilous journey. Their quest led them to traverse a colossal river, a waterway whose very name remained a mystery to them. Their exploits and escapades during this odyssey are vividly chronicled in the captivating pages of Chronicles of Gaspar de Carvajal.

As they ventured deeper into uncharted territory, navigating channels choked with thick vegetation and the distant echo of tribal drums resonating in the air, an uncanny sensation weighed upon them. It was as though unseen eyes were upon them, observers from the shadows, relaying word of their arrival to an unknown audience.

Then, on a fateful day, the date etched in history as June 22, 1542, the explorers stumbled upon a land rich and abundant. Canoes, helmed by indigenous people, glided towards the imposing European ships. The locals, their gestures and words foreign and enigmatic, attempted communication through curious and mystifying actions. Were they jesters mocking the newcomers? Perhaps not; it was more likely they were seeking a connection, albeit in a manner perceived as farcical by the Spanish strangers.

The unfamiliar behaviour of the natives vexed Orellana, and his patience wore thin. He gave the command to disperse them, authorizing the use of crossbows to wound a few, a decision that would have unforeseen consequences.

Navigating a league’s distance downstream, they aimed to replenish their supplies by anchoring near a village. However, their intentions were met with a rain of arrows, launched by fierce and resolute tribespeople who charged forth with battle cries. The Spanish, defended themselves vigorously with their crossbows and arquebuses. In this brutal skirmish, several indigenous warriors fell, their bizarre, ritualistic dances a surreal prelude to their valiant attempts to protect their homeland.

Amidst the chaos, foreign eyes locked onto an astonishing sight. Towering, ivory-skinned, and athletically built, these enigmatic warrior women, known later as the Amazons, displayed remarkable precision as they unleashed arrows that found their marks. Five Spaniards, including Carvajal, fell victim to their deadly accuracy.

The Spaniards, leveraging the destructive power of arquebuses and the cold, unyielding edge of their iron swords, ultimately secured victory. With the indigenous warriors in retreat, Spaniards regrouped in the mid of the river, seeking refuge and respite. In the days that followed, Orellana took an indigenous man captive, whose interrogation would reveal the secrets, traditions, and extraordinary lives of the legendary warrior women known as the Amazons.

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